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Special Needs Planning


For Employers

Employers are always looking for a way to expand benefit offerings and provide value to their employees. Through Upstate Special Needs Consulting we are able to provide ongoing support for your employees who are caring for a loved one with special needs. We offer the following (at no cost) to you:

  • Continuing Education for professionals (CPA, Attorneys, Service Coordinators)
  • Family Education Training (FET) through providers
  • Family Workshops:
    • Planning 101: What every parent should know
    • Guardianship v. Supported Decision Making
    • Making a Home of your own: Understanding Housing Alternatives
    • Understanding Special Needs Trusts
  • Staff training: We can assist your EAP or HR staff in becoming better advocates for your employees by learning some of the right questions to ask and familiarizing themselves with available local resources.
  • Discount on our special needs consulting plans* (As a stand alone benefit to your employees or subsidized as a formal employee benefit)

Areas where we can provide expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Strategies for maximizing HSA contributions for ongoing medical costs
  • Coordinating Medicaid & Health Benefits and how they affect a person caring for an individual with special needs
  • Setting up a savings account for an individual with special needs without jeopardizing benefits.
  • Understanding current work insurance and overview of beneficiaries




To learn how to become an Employee Partner, Contact Nicole at 585-899-1253 or nvgp@upstatesnp.com for more info