Babcock-Stiner Family

Special Needs Family

Special Needs Family

What prompted you to start the planning process?

It has always been important to us to live within our means and to plan for our future.  Once Elliot was born, this became all the more important.  We had to reconsider our current strategies and we had to consider financial strategies that we swore we would never do—after years of following financial advice that is applicable to most families, it took time (and patience on the part of James) to realize that we were no longer part of that group.


What concerns for the future do you have?

Thanks in large part to Upstate Special Needs Consulting, our concerns for the future don’t concern money.  We will have the money to send Elliot to college and to help him buy a home, so we are more concerned with preparing him for college and setting up the actual housing arrangement.  Elliot is an only child, so we are also concerned about creating a strong support network for him.


Why did you choose our team to help you with your planning?

It is really important for us to have someone with a global perspective on our team.  James is very connected with and active in the disability community.  This allows him to provide a lot of advice!  It is also very important to us that James has a sister with a disability.  It really makes a difference knowing that he is personally invested in the services he provides and in the greater disability community.