The Heintzelman Family

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Family

What prompted you to start the planning process?

We have always been very good at planning and as Tammy and I get closer to retirement we wanted to feel comfortable with the choices we have made along the way.  We felt that we had a  good handle on many items already.  We went through the legal process for guardianship, had our wills and the will of family members updated to provide a trust for our son, and set up a First Party Trust for his earnings.  What we were lacking was some direction for retirement financial planning.  We had done this one our own, but as retirement drew closer, we wanted to have someone help us maximize and protect our financial future as well as creating a strong financial future for our son with special needs so there was little to no financial burden for our other two sons.

What concerns for the future do you have?

Our greatest concern was to be sure Kyler was provided for in the future and that we didn’t create a financial burden on out other two sons once we were no longer here.  We know the financial difficulties Kyler may face in the future with limited employment opportunities, so we want to be sure we can provide as much as we can toward his financial future, while still allowing ourselves to enjoy retirement.

What type of work did James and his team assist you with?

Making sure that Tammy and I were on track with our finances and had a great plan that would carry us through retirement.  Helping us to find ways to work within the rules of  Social Security and yet still try to provide Kyler with financial independence.

We feel very confident with the plan that was put together for our family.  It was great to know that all the planning and saving we had done through the years were the right things and with some minor changes to our plans we had created a solid financial future for ourselves and all of our children.

Why did you choose our team to help you with your planning?

We attended a seminar put on by James and Leslie and felt very comfortable with them and their message.  It meant a lot to work with folks who knew what we needed based off their experiences with their loved ones with disabilities.