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Special Needs Family

My name is Terri Kerr.  I have two sons, Ian and Kyle.  When my son Kyle, was diagnosed with autism in 1997, I was forced to change many things in my life.  I attended a support group for parents with children affected with autism.  This was a very empowering grass roots group.  After being involved in this for about a year, I became the president.  We often had speakers that we felt were a vital help in the long term education and care of our children.  Even if it meant focusing on the unfortunate case of own death.  It was imperative to plan financially, educational, career/job, and housing for our kids.  I believe that was the first time I met James Traylor.  He was a speaker for special needs planning for our group. Special needs planning can be quite daunting to think about.  That is why I put it off.  But with my recent diagnoses of breast cancer, I had no choice but to rethink this issue again. But…this time put it into action.  I called James, and asked if he could help me with the special needs trust fund, and make sure the language was correct to protect my sons.  This led to my life insurance policies, and to my sons as well.  I am confident that I have what I need in place to protect their finances, and what ever inheritance I will be able to leave them.

I can sleep peacefully knowing I have done what is necessary to take care of my sons, even in absence.  I feel very fortunate to know James Traylor and his team, and appreciate all that he has done for my sons and I.